Alumni events & activities

Even after your student graduates, they’re still family at U of T, and we’re proud to offer them a year-round lineup of interesting and educational events and activities. From lectures to film screenings to socials to performances, there’s always something to see, do, learn and enjoy.

Explore the world

The Alumni Travel Program is your student’s gateway to inspiring and enriching experiences across the globe. U of T trips are popular because they illuminate peoples, cultures and allow you to directly engage with local residents. Encourage your student to let their wanderlust take them to wild and wonderful places as they navigate the globe with U of T.

Their utoronto email

Your student may have finished their education here, but they can still share their pride in being affiliated with the University of Toronto with an alumni email account. After they graduate, their student email address will change to They can continue to access their alumni account with their UTORid and password. Messages sent to their student email account will be forwarded to their alumni account for two years after graduation so they have ample time to alert their contacts.

Access to Hart House, libraries & athletics

As a student, they enjoyed many benefits unique to the U of T community. The good news is that they can still take advantage of U of T’s athletics facilities and clubs, through memberships at discounted rates with Hart House, the Athletic Centre, and U of T Libraries. The university can also connect you to reputable companies that offer services that may interest you, such as home or health insurance.

Finding work

The Career Centre for Recent Graduates, provides new U of T graduates access to Career Centre services for up to two years following convocation. Recent graduates have access to an extensive database of full-time employment listings. They can sign up for Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) accredited workshops, get help with career planning, creating powerful C.V.s, cover letters and interview preparation.
Register for the Graduate Dossier Service to have their letters of reference, transcripts and C.V. kept in a confidential repository. They can quickly and conveniently have them sent out when they apply for academic positions. The service is offered for up to 10 years following a student’s Ph.D. graduation.
If you are an international student and have completed your degree, the Post-Graduatie Work Permit program ( ) may be for you. It is designed to provide you with up to three years of Canadian work experience in your field of study after you graduate from U of T.

Recent alumni