Campus safety & security

Given its considerable size and its urban campuses, the University of Toronto is an extremely safe place to study, work or visit. But safety risks do exist and many parents worry about the student in their family navigating the campus alone or at night, and entering new social relationships.

Fortunately, there are many simple but effective ways to minimize those risks and the University has many resources in place to help students to do so. The University of Toronto proactively creates an environment where students can feel safe to learn, work and live.

The University of Toronto strives to maintain an environment free from discrimination and harassment, and that is safe for all members. We have a range of policies, programs and services in place to support these efforts.

  • Sexual Violence

The three campuses host police services that offer a variety of safety programs such as escorts between buildings at night:

  • WalkSmart U of T St. George
  • WalkSafer U of T Mississauga
  • UTSC Patrol Safety U of T Scarborough

Emergency Disclosure of Personal Information at the University of Toronto
There are times during which concerns about safety override the commitment to privacy. In compelling circumstances affecting the health or safety of an individual, information about the student may be released to the student’s family member or legal guardian. This would require that the release of this information is disclosed by mail to the last known address of the student. Personal information may also be disclosed in compassionate circumstances to facilitate contact with the spouse, a close relative, or a friend of a student who is injured, ill or deceased.

University police bicycle