Health & Wellness

Your student’s health and well-being are the foundation of their academic and personal success. From getting flu shots to meditation classes, we’ve got them covered.

Be well and manage stress

Stress is a normal part of university life, but we can help your student develop the skills to de-stress and be at their best.

  • Practice mindful meditation at weekly drop-in sessions across campus.
  • Learn strategies for time management and good study habits at the Academic Success Centre.
  • Get moving: Hit the gym, join an intramural sports team or try a drop-in class at one of our fitness centres.
  • Connect with your registrar’s or Student Life office, your don, a counsellor at the Health & Wellness Centre or your Faculty of College.
  • Visit for more resources to help you manage stress. It’s never too early to ask for help, so reach out early and often.

Mindful meditation:
Registrar and Student Life contacts:
Health & Wellness Centre:
Fitness Centres:

Health Wellness Centre

Your student’s single point of entry for access to a wide range of health services including:

  • physical and mental health care
  • travel medicine
  • immunizations
  • nutritional care
  • family planning and more

For tips on how to maintain a healthylifestyle, fun events and more, visit

Health & Wellness - Better starts here