students at the stadium

Campus sporting events take place throughout the year

Deer on the U of T Mississauga campus

The deer enjoy U of T's Mississauga campus as much as the students do!




Opportunity for students to learn interview skills

Students on all U of T campuses are invited to sign up for a practice interview with a human resource professional on January 28 & 29.

Details about the opportunities to learn interview skills


Mental Health Framework Image

New Report on Student Mental Health at U of T

We all have a role in our students' mental wellness.

The newly released Report of the Provostial Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health encourages all members of the University community to help foster a climate of healthy learning that supports both mental well-being and academic success. The report makes 22 recommendations focusing on five key areas that include informing students of all the programs and services available to them, and helping students build on their strengths to develop positive mental health and resilience.

Does your student have a positive outlook? My student's outlook is: