Miriam and Mariana Padar

Miriam Padar and her mother Mariana at the Healthy Transtions, Successful Students event Aug. 20, 2015.

two female students laughing as the walk on campus

Students look forward to making new friends on campus in September.



NEW for 2015! Required documents for TCards for students


Pre-arrival checklist for families of new U of T students

For new students and their families, the weeks leading up to the student's first days at U of T will be jam-packed with activities. To help your family make a smooth transition, we have compiled a pre-arrival checklist and some helpful suggestions.


students acting strong

Is your student resilient?

Resilience is not something we are born with — it is developed over time through self-management skills and reflection. Resilience is defined as:

  • the ability to overcome adversity
  • the ability to recover quickly from challenges
  • the ability to withstand stress and to adapt and learn from problems

In order to develop these abilities, we need to encounter problems first-hand. University experiences such as poor grades, missed deadlines or conflicts with group projects are opportunities for students to develop their own problem-solving styles.

How you can help your student to learn from problems and to bounce back from challenges.

Life Skills Which life skills does your student need the most help with?