Students have questions, ASKme has answers!

There’s nothing like a friendly face when you are new to university. The ASKme program helps students navigate the St. George campus by providing answers to their most common questions and by creating a welcoming, community environment.

Outdoor ASKme booths will be located at busy areas around campus. The new ASKme Information Hub is located in the Koffler Student Services Centre at 214 College Street. And, ASKme is online, too! Search for answers at

image of day planner and pen

Pre-arrival checklist for families of new U of T students

For new U of T students and their families, the coming weeks will be jam-packed with activities as students prepare for their first days at U of T.

To help your family make a smooth transition, we have compiled a pre-arrival checklist and some helpful suggestions.


Orientation 2014: Your Questions Answered

What  U of T students learn and do during this important introduction to university life.


Is your student ready for university in September? My student is: